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Global Trading Platform for RECYCLED PLASTIC

Rebound Plastic Exchange is the global quality assured trading platform that enables buyers and sellers to efficiently trade recycled plastic with confidence, bringing increased opportunity for recycled content for the world’s products and packaging.

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Buy or Sell Recycled Plastic

Plastics can be traded in the forms of bales, flakes and pellets

Plastic Bales

Bales trading on the RPX are primarily any whole polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle with a screw-neck top that contains the ASTM D7611 “#1, PET or PETE” resin identification code and that is clear, transparent green, or transparent light blue. All bottles need to be free of contents or free flowing liquids and rinsed. Closures (caps, lids, and rings) may be left on bottles.

Plastic Flakes

Flake for the RPX goes through a process of PET bottles being pre-sorted – rejecting impurities both by colour and material type, as well as a subsequent washing process – the bottles are put into a grinder or shredder and turned into flakes. These flakes then go through a vigorous cleaning process which involves different combinations of metal separators, sieves, air separators and multiple steps of flotation, hot and cold washing, rinsing, and drying, which reduces overall contamination.

Plastic Pellets

Plastic resin pellets are small granules generally with shape of a cylinder or a disk with a diameter of a few millimetres. These plastic particles are industrial raw material that are sold to manufacturing sites where "user plastics" are made by re-melting and moulding into the final products or packaging. Easily traded and transported globally.


Problems Solved by RPX

  • There is an absence of a trading platform to facilitate material flows beyond borders at a global scale

  • There is an absence of a global recognized certification process for traders to adhere to

  • Challenges in adhering to complex international trade agreements and movement of quality assured feedstock

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