Trading Plastics

Currently the Rebound Plastic Exchange is scheduled to open for trading end of August 2022. 


The Rebound Plastic Exchange aims to increase plastic recycling while addressing a global environmental challenge through an economically beneficial business model.

Currently the Rebound Plastic Exchange is scheduled to open for trading end of August 2022. Beta testing of the site will take place during August 2022, and the exchange is offering select buyers and sellers the opportunity to trade for free. Please contact us if you are interested in trading during the Beta Testing Phase.

Like existing trading platforms for wheat and metals, the Rebound Plastic Exchange (RPX) is creating a similar trading solution for plastics. By using a common global language through our specification sheets, both developed and developing countries will benefit from the facilitation which RPX will provide, thus building confidence in trades while complying to regulations and international standards such as the Basel Convention.

Buyers and sellers will need to register and become members of RPX in order to transact trades on the platform.

Materials Traded on RPX

The goal of the Rebound Plastic Exchange is to facilitate trading in as many forms of plastic as technically possible. Initially, the platform will be including some 15 of the most common traded plastic materials today. These specifications have been developed in consultation with experts in the sector based on national and international trends on markets, price, quality, equipment and processes. The purpose of this suite of specifications is to provide companies greater clarity on product quality while also providing regulatory guidance; with respect to conformity of a shipment with applicable legal requirements in the country of export, the country of import and any transit countries.

Examples of materials to be traded:

Series 100: rPET

  • rPET clear bottles baled

  • rPET hot washed flake

  • rPET clear fines pellet

  • rPET clear pellet

Series 200: rHDPE

  • rHDPE natural rigid bales

  • rHDPE coloured rigid bales

  • rHDPE natural flake

  • rHDPE coloured flake rHDPE clear pellet

Series 400: rPE film

  • PE Clear Film (LDPE) baled

  • rLLDPE clear film bale


Series 500: rPP

  • rPP rigid-coloured bales

  • rPP coloured flake

  • rPP coloured pellet


Series 700: Mixed Plastics

  • Recovered rigid Mixed Plastics (all colours,  baled)


We acknowledge plastics processors and other industry experts in helping develop our generic specifications taking account of EU, UK, AUS and US standards. Additional materials will be added from time to time, based on demand and available feedstock globally.